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I moved recently from NYC to Austin and Randi was incredibly helpful in finding the right place for me.

She's plays the "long game" rather than being transactional (which a lot of RE agents are). She also figured out what I'm looking for pretty quickly without hardly knowing me at all! I wholeheartedly recommend working with her when looking for your next home in Austin!

Yoav Cohen

We have the most amazing real estate company helping us sell our home and finding our dream home.

It went live in the MLS on a Thursday at 9 a.m. We had three showings that came that afternoon. The first showing was at 1:30 and they made an offer as soon as they got back to the office. We had 11 scheduled showings Friday and before we knew it we were in a multi-offer status. Long story short…we got an unbelievably sweet deal from a very sweet couple. They kindly offered well over our appraised value to secure it. Cherry on the cake…all cash too! However, they have no clue just what a great deal they’re getting. It’s a wonderful neighborhood…like one big family who look out for each other. Super duper sweet neighbors! I love them all so much. Robbie English and his team are awesome. They are there with their clients every step of the way in the process. They are very strategic in their approach showing they know the market and how to get you what you want. They never pressure you but are there to give you solid advice and provide answers to your questions. Robbie is amazingly smart and his agent here in DFW is too. They have offices in both DFW and Austin. They are awesome! They truly have and continue to go above and beyond what we expected of them. We absolutely recommend them 100% if you ever want to sell your home or purchase another. It has been an amazing experience and I doubt we would have had near the positive experience with anyone else. They are like no other. Comparing them to any other real estate company we’ve worked with before is like comparing high quality caviar to Spam. Truly thank you and Tommye for all you two have done. I can’t thank you enough.

Teresa Schmidt

We were able to find our second home in Austin mainly because Randi's awesome service.

We really appreciated and enjoyed working with her and Robbie. I total agree with others that she is a "long game" RE agent. I will highly recommend Randi to anyone who is seriously looking to buy property in Austin TX.

Rebecca Chang

Excellent overall experience!

We were originally going to rent then decided to buy and found our home in 1 day! I would definitely recommend Robbie to other potential buyers. Robbie was always a professional, accommodating and friendly agent.

June Snarr

Randi is extremely helpful.

Her expertise in real estate is very important when purchasing a home. I appreciate the effort she puts in to staying up to date on current trends and future projects in the Austin area. I highly recommend her for any real estate needs.

Katrina Surratt

You are a great listener and a great communicator.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and get to know us. You helped us find exactly what we were looking for at our own pace. You always kept us in the loop, which was very helpful in our decision making. I will definitely be recommending you to any of my friends in search of guidance. Thanks Robbie!!


Randi, was instrumental at helping me find my first home.

She was there for every step of the way, and incredibly accommodating for an out-of-state buyer like me. Whenever I had questions or issues were found, Randi was quick and thorough at finding a solution. I never felt pressured to just "close the deal", and she made absolutely sure I was happy with the home and contract even at the very end of the closing process. I have recommended her to all my friends, and will definitely be using her services for my next purchase!

Anton Bondarenko

Robbie English is by far THE BEST real estate Broker there is.

If it wasn’t for him, his knowledge, intelligence and know how in the real estate process I think I would have pulled my hair out. He helped keep the sanity in what could be a stressful time in selling our home and finding our dream place. He practically held our hand and walked us through the process and stayed on top of things until not only the keys were put in our hands but he also checked on us after we moved in. He’s a very professional, thoughtful gentleman that goes above and beyond the call of duty. I can’t recommend him high enough. I’m just so grateful he was a partner with us in the journey to finding our dream place.


Robbie has been outstanding.

Robbie has been very patient with me. I am very pleased with all of his efforts. They have paid off because now I am purchasing my own home.

Linda Comer

You’re awesome.

Seriously! I’m glad you’re my realtor! Robbie was extremely knowledgeable and unfazed by the challenges we faced. Robbie was straightforward and honest. He was extremely knowledgeable. He knew the ins and outs of the process. More importantly, he was a great resource for me as a first time home buyer.

Rafik Massoud

Robbie made my buying experience so easy and painless.

He was patient and very understanding when it came to my wants and needs, NO PRESSURE at all. I couldn’t ask for a better Realtor or experience.

Nic Williams

We were able to find our second home in Austin mainly because Randi's awesome service.

We really appreciated and enjoyed working with her and Robbie. I total agree with others that she is a "long game" RE agent. I will highly recommend Randi to anyone who is seriously looking to buy property in Austin TX.

Rebecca Chang

Great communication and quick replies.

Updated consistently. We were actually able to tour the home we wanted to look at just a few hours after talking to Carrie for the first time on a Saturday. Should mention this place is an hour away also, but she made it happen and met with us there. She was able to update the appropriate people during the application process as well when we didn't know who to contact, so this sped things up a bit and we're in the house we wanted. No words to describe how amazing this experience was and with the outcome we wanted! Carrie gets 20 stars!!!!!!!


Robbie, Awesome real estate agent.

I am very thankful for you. A big thanks for selling my house. I know you worked hard selling it. I do consider you a friend and of course I will recommend you, and next year I will be using you again. Thank you.

Neal Morow

Randi was extremely helpful, thorough and knowledgeable for us buying a house in Austin.

We were moving back to the US from abroad because an addition to our family and she was incredibly helpful even before we got to Austin. She did multiple virtual tours for us remotely and we felt comfortable enough to try and buy a house sight unseen because of her work. Given the current world situation with COVID contributing to low inventory and high demand she was great at helping us make competitive offers and understand the market in the neighborhoods we wanted to live in. I would highly recommend Randi if you are searching for a house in Central Austin.

Matt Wilson

Robbie’s ability to operate on-the-go without being tied to an office is oh-so-useful.

He always responded quickly and was always informed, with data to back up his advice. Most importantly, our agent was a great problem-solver. He came through when needed most!. I would highly recommend Robbie, especially to those looking to purchase a house remotely. As remote buyers, we were able to educate ourselves about the neighborhood and market, but having an agent knowledgeable about the area and able to act for our interest was immensely helpful.

Jennifer Wagner

Randi White is Austin’s best Realtor!

We have long been interested in buying in Central Austin and found a “tear down” house and property perfect for us, however it was under contract. We communicated to the owner that we would be interested if the current deal fell through. On a Saturday morning, the owner called and said the house was available again and he would sell to us if we could close by Wednesday and met his price. (Many other offers were waiting). While we had the funds, we needed a Realtor! Thankfully, we contacted Randi and she sprang into action! Closings are always stressful, so you could imagine what it was like to close in 4 days! Randi worked nonstop communicating with the seller’s Realtor, the title company, the survey company and the escrow officer. She made sure we understood the significance of forgoing an inspection and provided excellent literature for our review. Communication via text, email and phone was excellent and she really seemed to enjoy making this deal happen. As a result, we now own our perfect property in a perfect location – thanks to a perfect Realtor!


Robbie English has re-established my commitment in the process.

I think I was mentally drained until I met Robbie, he is a fantastic person… he is genuine and patient. Robbie takes the time to explain every step of the process, he is excellent at what he does, working with Robbie is like spending time with an old friend, he makes you feel relaxed and ensures you are well informed. Robbie is a great person and I enjoy working with him.

Lorraine Smith

It’s rare to find Robbie’s combination of integrity, thoughtfulness and strong work ethic in one person.

He consistently impresses me on each transaction with his ability to understand and avoid problems long before others even consider them. He’s extremely thorough and gives his agents and clients complete confidence when making decisions.


Carrie was such a big help in finding me my next home.

I just told her what I wanted and she did all the work.

Jupi McDonald

Amazing experience and patience.

Really great communication and always ready to go.


Great communication!

Went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. Advocated on our behalf without us even asking. 10/10 5 stars isn't enough!


Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable with the home renting/buying process.

It was definitely comforting to have someone with such extensive experience walk us through each step of the way and put our needs first. Thank you so much Randi!!


We worked with Randi for the purchase of our first home and we couldn’t be happier with the help and guidance she provided throughout the entire process.

She did an awesome job actually listening to us about what we were looking for and taking that into account while constantly keeping her ear to the ground on homes coming to the market soon so we could get in quickly. Randi is very knowledgeable about the ever-changing Austin market and is also willing to provide the counterpoint for discussions, which was extremely helpful as we navigated purchasing a home that needed work and all of the hurdles associated with it. We would 100% recommend Randi if you are looking for a realtor, especially if you are a first time homebuyer and looking for someone to guide you through the process with a steady hand, solid support, and a strong understanding of the market.

Adam Trautman

Randi is a TOP Realtor.

We were moving from California to Austin (buying a 2nd home). We needed a knowledgeable understanding realtor to help us with the transition. Randi has a series of videos that we stumbled upon on YouTube that tell about the different residential areas in Texas and we called her after watching a few of her videos. Randi educated us on our new city and was a super great negotiator (really helpful thru 2 tough escrows) side note I am a lender and my girl is a realtor. Randi is a great realtor, pick Randi and rest easy that you are in good hands.

Lee Duran

Of the several REALTOR’s I’ve talked to trying to find a place, Robbie is the only one that was actually committed to helping us and found us a great place to live.

My experience with Robbie was above my expectations. His help through the process of finding a place and getting the paperwork processed is very much appreciated! Robbie provided all needed information to not only get into a place, but also to set up the utilities needed for the place. I have bought 3 places in my past and never have had that great of service.

Martine Monroe

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